Become a global explorer, discover biodiversity by travelling around the world.


Become an explorer, discovering different plant and animal species by travelling around the world. Roll the dice to travel between continents. Earn points as you journey by answering questions about which species live on the continents that you visit. Each level of the game provides fun collections of species: Stick Your Tongue Out, Life is Blue, The Origin of Spices, and more. Earning points will unlock new collections. Bonuses help you to move on more quickly with your quest!

Improve your knowledge about each species through descriptions, images, distribution information, and conservation status from the Encyclopedia of Life website. Explore how organisms in each game collection are related to each other by browsing a dynamic, interactive graph. The graph shows how scientists group species into higher ranks, such as a genus or family. 



  • Discover: Explore species classification (taxonomy) and develop a deep understanding of each species through descriptions, images, and the IUCN conservation status.

  • Game: Play with funny collections of species to improve your knowledge and beat your previous records!

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